Minimal music by Gabriel Lester, Hans Aarsman, Annick Kleizen and Nalden

Steve Reich and Tom Trago interviewed by Radna Rumping (photo: Maarten Jüngen)

On day 3 of the World Minimal Music Festival we have our own personal selection of artists, musicians, selectors and distributors sharing their interpretations of minimal music. Between 6 and 7 pm, artist Gabriel Lester, curator Annick Kleizen and Internet savant Nalden will play 20 minutes of what is minimal in music from their iTunes.

After this, tape experimentalist Wouter van Veldhoven will do a live performance, followed by a site-specific dance performance of work of Liat Waysbort on the music of Phill Niblock. At 8.15 pm, famed Belgian contemporary music ensemble Champ D’Action will play a.o. The Sinking of the Titanic by Gavin Bryars in the main hall.

Then, from 10 pm onwards, our programme continues in the festival café, with special DJ sets by Hans Aarsman, Darco Cezveciyan and Non-fiction’s Juha van ‘t Zelfde. And there will be abstract live performances by Raphael Vanoli, Gareth Davis and Aardvarck. Join us on Facebook, and follow the live blog and audio streams over here. The complete festival café programme is free to visit all night.

The Muziekgebouw during the vibrant opening (photo: Maarten Jüngen)