Social weather report of Amsterdam Holendrecht

With the arrival of Radna, Adéla, Boris and Siri in our office, 2011 proved to be a momentous year for our shop, taking us from two to six before the end of our third year. And in spite of the Mayan downers – the reports of mankind’s death are greatly exaggerated – 2012 has started even better.

We are incredibly honoured and delighted to announce we have started working for the Physical Planning Department of the City of Amsterdam (DRO). After having collaborated with DRO for theanycitywhatever festival within the Picnic festival, examining the Structural Vision: Amsterdam 2040 with various leading protagonists of networked technologies and connected urbanism, we have continued talking with DRO director Zef Hemel about the opportunities of realtime analytics for longterm physical planning for Amsterdam.

We are excited to begin working on our first prototype service for DRO. We will start making a weather map of checkins, captions and other site-specific online social activities in Amsterdam Holendrecht, using the most commonly used mobile media Foursquare, Instagram and Twitter.

Then, we will team up with urban planners, computational designers and local actors, to walk through the neighbourhood using the results of our scan, and responding to this on the same networks, creating a kind of dedicated feedback.

Amsterdam is currently preparing a bid for the 2022 Floriade, and Holendrecht is the designated site.

The aim of this project is threefold: (a) to create an overview of what is already happening online on site in Amsterdam Holendrecht, (b) to respond to these activities with editorial context, and (c) to find out how current and even realtime data can be used for physical planning. First for Holendrecht, but later to be scaled to the rest of Amsterdam as we proceed.

The result could look like a combination of a weather channel and Google Analytics, close to a social buienradar of what is happening in Amsterdam Holendrecht.

We will create a research blog to keep you updated on our proceedings.Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any ideas or comments, we’d love to hear them.

Grotere kaart weergeven

Inspiration for this project comes from endless conversations with Ben Cerveny, Ben Hammersley, Adam Greenfield, James Burke, Euro Beinat, Matt Cottam and numerous other friends thinking and writing about urban computing.


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