Non-fiction weeknotes #3

We continue our weekly updates on what is happening in the Non-fiction office. This time Juha and Boris take the time to answer some questions, while Michiel is in Copenhagen and Adéla is in Prague. This is our way to share experiences, probe new ideas, and document all the things that take place in and around our office.

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Non-fiction weeknotes #2

Inspired by our friends at BERG we try to give you weekly updates on how the people of Non-fiction are faring. With different questions and Non-fictioners each week. This week’s weeknotes’ questions:

Describe right this week in one word

Juha: Istanbul.

Boris: mar-Think-a-Write-athon

Adela: While thinking about things which are both old-fashioned and futuristic, unexpected discoveries and new identities, the Freudian concept of uncanny appears on my mind. Surprisingly enough, there is an exhibition dealing with this topic in Kunsthal Rotterdam called Uncanny. Surrealism and Graphic Design. Highly recommended!


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Non-fiction Diary: entry n.1

We have just started a new tradition. From time to time, hopefully on regular basis, we would like to release an update on what we are currently working on, fascinated by and preparing for. We will be experimenting with the format, but, now, we find small interviews as a suitable way how to share information with you. Short questions, which will be changing over time, should give you, and us, an idea of Non-fiction daily life. Here come the the first round of questions:

  • A warm up question: If you would have to sum up this week with one word, what would it be?
  • We had many interesting meetings this week. Which one was somehow special for you?
  • Are you leaving abroad this weekend? If so, where and why.
  • Song/poem/favorite Czech saying/novel describing this week?
  • Why have we just started Non-fiction Diary?


  • Sauna-on-the-sea.
  • There were a few, but I really enjoyed our final presentation with the Ives Ensemble: lots of energy and constructive ideas for the near and far future for one of my favourite ensembles. They play music for the future.
  • I am going to Linz today to give a presentation at Ars Electronica. It will be on how networked media are changing the way we experience cities, and how I use applications as Urbanode, Sonar and Forecast to read urban information.
  • New Kuedo album Severant is the best coming out this year. And King Rat by China Miéville was an incredible read.
  • We were busy reading BERG’s weeknotes… but here we are, see you next week, have a good weekend.


  • Thesis
  • Besides the first half of the week when I was in daily intensive contact with no one else but my thesis, I met on Thursday Radna with whom we spoke about possible collaboration on Capital A. Nonetheless, as it usually goes, we also managed to have girly talk, discuss rotten fruits or possibility of a new haircut.
  • No, staying in Amsterdam and hoping for some sun.
  • Since I am an expert on Czech sayings, I am happy you have asked this question. This week can be sum up by this saying: Komu se nelení, tomu se zelení./Who is not lazy has a green field.
  • There are so many great things going around us every day, this might be a way how to process them and share them.


(On Fridays, our non-Non-fiction, thus fictional, friend Boris van Hoytema, often joins our office. So here you can read a interview with our office guest from VPRO Dorst)

  • Retrospective
  • The week was dominated by my yearly meeting at the VPRO, looking back at a year’s wins and losses, and making the environment for me to function optimally for the next period I will be there.
  • No, I will stay in and work.
  • You cannot know the future without knowing the past
  • Everything moves to fast. Time capsules will give us the only possibility to remember where we where we were.

And, yes, Michiel is still Non-fiction, and you can read an interview with him soon too. You are also encouraged to ask your own questions, we might use them in the next diary post. Have a nice weekend and thanks for following us.

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28 April: Hear it! at the Stedelijk Museum

“I don’t separate ‘Sound Art’ from ‘music’. I am one person; my ideas come from the same place.” 

- Alvin Lucier.

On Thursday 28 April the Stedelijk Museum and Non-fiction present Hear it! – a playlist for the Stedelijk Museum, with works by Dick Raaymakers, Alvin Lucier, Mark Bain, Pierre Bastien, La Monte Young and Gert-Jan Prins, and performances by Paul Panhuysen, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Alog, Gabriel Lester, Claron McFadden and many others.

When? April 28, 2011, from 19:30 – 23:00 hrs
Location: Temporary Stedelijk 2, Auditorium, museum café and galleries
Entrance: Valid museum ticket
Language: English
Reservation: Reservation is mandatory

A playlist for the museum
Hear It! is presenting a playlist of these different types of work with sound, and is presenting different generations of musicians and artists who work with sound in their own way. This evening does not aim to provide a historical cross-section of sound in the arts, but is a personal playlist of works from the collection of the Stedelijk Museum and performances by (international) artists and musicians who are exploring the limits of the building and sound. The evening was organised intuitively by listening carefully to the building, the collection and the public, and is possibly most comparable to the way in which a DJ works, or to the musical experience you have with Soundcloud and Spotify. That is why there is a mixed succession of a Siren, a Norwegian DIY band, a Gregorian choir and the public which assumes the role of composer and performer, amongst others.

The sound of now, since 1952
It is now almost 60 years since director Willem Sandberg embraced music in the Stedelijk with his famous series ‘The Music of Now’ in 1952. Sandberg’s view was that the museum should provide room for other art forms than visual art as well, including contemporary music. Since then contemporary music has assumed many different forms and is described in various ways: as experimental music, sound art, sound performances, sound sculptures and audio culture. Some musicians call themselves ‘artists’ and some artworks are characterised as being ‘musical’. It is not always completely clear, but what is evident is that there is great deal happening at the point where the visual arts, music and sound come together.

Performances by
Aardvarck (NL) / Alog (NO) / Nathalie Bruys (NL) / Carl Michael von Hausswolff (SE) / Allard van Hoorn (NL) / Brandon LaBelle (USA) / Gabriel Lester (NL) / Claron McFadden (USA/NL) / Paul Panhuysen (NL) / Sarah van Sonsbeeck (NL)  / Schola Cantorum Amsterdam (NL)

Works by
Mark Bain (USA/NL) / Pierre Bastien (FR) / John Cage (USA) / Alvin Lucier (USA) / Gert-Jan Prins (NL) / Dick Raaymakers (NL) / La Monte Young (USA)

Introduction by: Harold Schellinx / Juha van ‘t Zelfde

Programme: Michiel van Iersel & Juha van ‘t Zelfde (Non-fiction)

Advisors: Bart Rutten, Margriet Schavemaker and Hendrik Folkerts (all Stedelijk Museum)

Research: Adelá Foldynová and Pieter Willems

Live blogVPRO Dorst

PartnersBeamSystems, Nalden, CitizenM and Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht



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Live stream of the World Minimal Music Festival


Today is the opening night of the World Minimal Music Festival. Five days of worldclass music from minimal composers and musicians from all over the world. One of the highlights is the presence of one of the key figures Steve Reich. The festival is supported by the local music scene of young electronic producers like Tom Trago, Aardvarck and Mamiko Motto, and experimentalists Machinefabriek, Thomas Ankersmit and Raphael Vanoli.

In collaboration with public network VPRO Dorst we are covering the festival in realtime on their live blog. This is a on-the-fly experiment to embed the Muziekgebouw via social networking tools like Tumblr, Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Shazam, Ustream and WordPress. You can follow the festival below here as it unfolds.

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